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Welcome to RUN WEEKENDS by Nick Butter - Running Retreats Around The World.

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“Bring your smile, not your speed!”

Running adventures around the world led by 11 x world record holder and best selling author Nick Butter.

What are Run Weekends?

  • Running adventures around the world.

  • Led by 11 x world record holder and best selling author Nick Butter.

  • We run together as a group.

  • All abilities are welcome. No set pace.

  • Multiple runs per weekend.

  • From camping to 5* luxury.

  • 2 or 3 night and 5+ nights available.

  • Discover new activities and enjoy great food.

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Why Run Weekends?

Run Weekends are centred around two key themes.

Togetherness & Friendship, plus Discovery & Adventure.

Founder Nick Butter spent the past 10 years travelling the world discovering new places and meeting new and interesting people. What was at the heart of all this? Running, of course.

Run Weekends - Run with us

Running Retreats Around The World.

Run Weekends isn't a race weekend. There's no medal, and there's certainly no timing chips. You'll spend your time discovering a new city, mountain range, jungle, desert, coastal village, the list goes on… But the discovery isn't just limited to the location. You'll try new things too. Not just running. Some activities you may already be familiar with, like beach barbecues, yoga sessions, surfing, music, meditation etc. But there's a whole host of other activities scattered amongst these weekend retreats that is built to open new doors in the mind and body. Like creative writing, pottery, poetry, skydiving, scuba diving, spear fishing, photography, sailing, painting, and so much more.

Run Weekends - Camp with us

Don't get us wrong, you'll be running plenty. Each weekend will host at least 1 longer run, and 1 shorter run. Depending on the weekend you select, you could be running 100km on the Saturday for example or just a few 5km runs over the entire weekend. Generally speaking the marathon distance will be the central focus of the weekend. 42km running together in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Some trail, some road, and often a mix of both. A running retreat to remember.

Run Weekends - Nick Butter Founder

To ensure the togetherness of the weekend, every run will be run as a group. Each weekend will have a general pace marker, but will always be open to all abilities. In the region of between 9 min miles, to 11 min miles is usually a casual jog with plenty of stops for photos, drinks and some snacks. Nick will lead, together with this team, and you'll always be in safe hands. If you want to call it a day at 13 miles because you fancy a rest, or maybe you just don't fancy running anymore, that's not a problem, we'll arrange someone to collect you and take you back to your accommodation.As for accommodation, some weekends you'll be staying in 5* luxury, and some weekends you'll be camping and moving from shepherd hut to shepherd hut carrying all your own gear. Take your pick, and come along.

Luxury Running Retreats

Most weekends will be capped at around 16 guests to ensure we can bond and make friends. We'll also generally cover all food and transport within the weekend. Some food will be on the go, and others will be a sit down meal - from a simple picnic, to Michelin star meals.

Join Nick and up to 15 guests to share unique weekend running events. From gentle 10kms in your local area to 100 mile epic trails in far flung corners of the world. The Ultimate Running Retreat.

Nick Butter - Run Weekends - Run Retreats

a marathon in every country in the world.

Where are Run Weekend Locations?

Run Weekend locations for 2023, 2024:

Cornwall, Kosovo, Barcelona, Pyrenees, Dubai, Lake District, France Alps, Dolomites, Pembrokeshire, Portugal, and more being released all the time.

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Run Weekend Locations

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Running Retreats led by Nick Butter

Running Retreats led by Nick Butter


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