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Run Weekends KOSOVO in Review | Run in Kosovo

Running in Kosovo; A Run Weekends Success Story (and a look to our next trip in 2024).

What’s so special about running in Kosovo?

Run Weekends are heading back to one of our favourite destinations in just a few months. And we have a lot to say about why running in Kosovo is so incredibly special. 

From the beauty of mountain trails to the cosiness of mountain cabins in the evening, to gaining a connection to both local nature and the traditional cuisine... This running retreat in Kosovo that also takes you across into the Albanian mountains promises to be a weekend truly unlike any other.

We take a look at how our Run Weekends in Kosovo trip went in 2023, and what you can expect from our Kosovo in 2024 trip.

But firstly, why running in Kosovo?

Our 2024 Kosovo dates have moved forward a few weeks and are on SALE NOW. Secure your place for September 20th for 3 nights.


Why Running in Kosovo?

Run Weekends have trips all over the world. From camping and epic trails in Australia to 5* stays in Dubai.

So, why Kosovo? Well, the answer really is... why not?

We spend our time trail running in the Sharr Mountain range bordering Kosovo and Albania, and even crossing over into Albania. We'll be running across panoramic mountain ranges and enjoying local traditional mountain food. What more could you want?


Run Weekends Kosovo 2023

A few words from Run Weekends and Nick Butter! 

Thanks to all the brilliant folk who ventured out to the country of Kosovo for our latest Run Weekends event.⁠

The kindness, openness, and humour of our group made 3 glorious days running over the Kosovo mountains and into Albania totally wonderful. 

The weather treated us, the energy of the gang echoed through the valleys. We all love to run, but there's nothing quite like a gathering of kind and like-minded runners adventuring to new places together. 

Thank you everyone.⁠

Words of kindness from our runners:⁠

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kosovo. It was such a splendid weekend and far outweighed my expectations (which were already high to be honest). The group was so nice, Nick was a fantastic leader and the food was wonderful. It really helped me both in terms of learning to run more on trails but also did wonders for my mental well-being and anxiety. This trip has helped and revived me more than I think you’ll ever know. For that, thank you."⁠


What Can You Expect from A Running Retreat in Kosovo?

Quick Facts!


September 20th 2024, 3 Nights⁠


Kosovo & Albania⁠


Mountain Cabin & Hotel⁠


3 Runs. 23km, 23km, 13km


95% Trail, 5% Road⁠

Max. Places

16 (All Shared Rooms)⁠



Trail Runs - Bag Transfer Included⁠

An Introduction to Run Weekends in Kosovo 

Run Weekends Kosovo promises an enriching and refreshing experience amidst the stunning landscapes of the Sharr Mountain range. 

The group will be small (max 16) and the accommodation is all shared. So, we’re going to get close this weekend! We will dine together, run together, and explore together. 

Day 1 

We meet at the airport in Kosovo at 22:30 pm to take us to our accommodation for the first night in the heart of the stunning Sharr National Park. 

(Note: Tonight you can settle in with your own private room, but the rest is shared accommodation!). 

Day 2 

We’re up and out at 9:00, starting our first run! 

The 23km trail will take you through the remote terrains of the Sharr National Park. We’ll make lots of photo stops as these panoramic mountains are beautiful. And with the next village miles away, we’ll have it all to ourselves!  

Our run finished, and the rest of the day is for relaxing and eating. 

Day 3

Today is also an early start as we have another 23km ahead of us. Plus, we cross over into Albania today. With plenty of ups and downs through the Albanian side of Sharr mountain range, too! 

We rest and take a short trip back to Kosovo where we can spend the evening having a special dinner and strolling the streets of the picturesque old town of Prizren.

Day 4

Our final day. We start it off with a shorter run through the city and by the castle before departure. If you have more time, there’s always the option for a luxury spa afternoon, too…

That’s the Kosovo plan.

But, is it for you? 

Well, here's what you can expect on this running retreat. 


Run Weekends Kosovo 2024

Presenting... Adventures Across Borders; Kosovo & Albania

This Run Weekends Kosovo trip takes you on trails through both Kosovo and Albania. 

Prepare to explore the natural beauty of both Kosovo and Albania as you embark on trail runs that traverse borders.

Experience the thrill of running through remote terrains, picturesque meadows, and quaint villages, capturing breathtaking views of the rugged mountains along the way.

Expert Guidance and Local Insight

Nick Butter & Local Guide

Run Weekends are led by our very own Nick Butter. But we also have our local guides helping you to navigate the trails, as well as this new and fascinating culture. 

Each run offers invaluable knowledge about the region's history, culture, and terrain. Gain insight into the rich traditions of Kosovo and Albania while learning about the unique landscapes and wildlife that make this area so special.

Authentic Accommodations

Mountain Cabin & Hotel

Something for everyone!

We switch between cosy mountain huts, a mountain guesthouse, and a 3* hotel.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of Kosovan hospitality as you stay in this variety of carefully picked accommodations!

A perfect mix of comfort and authenticity throughout your retreat.

But do be aware - we get pretty close on this tour. Aside from the night in the hotel, you will be sharing a room with the rest of the group!

Don't worry - that first night is by yourself. Have some time to get to know the group, acclimatise, and then we'll be in mountain huts together.

Scenic Trail Runs

3 Runs. 23km, 23km, 13km 95% Trail, 5% Road

What would a run retreat be without the main ingredient? Lace up your running shoes (preferably your trail shoes) and hit the trails for a series of scenic runs through the wilderness of the Sharr Mountain range. 

Jog along panoramic ridges, through dense forests, and past sparkling streams, soaking in the tranquillity and beauty of the natural surroundings.

It’s not a race.

The aim of our game is to enjoy ourselves, each other’s company, and the surroundings. Who’d want to rush through this beautiful landscape, anyway?

We will go at a steady pace that is welcoming to all levels. 

Traditional Balkan Cuisine

Traditional, with Local Fruits & Veggies Thrown In

Indulge in the flavours of Balkan cuisine with traditional dishes prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

If you've not tried their traditional flija, pies, stuffed peppers, kebabs, bureks, or sarma - you should.

Connection and Camaraderie

What Makes Run Weekends So Unique 

Connect with nature as well as like-minded runners. Swap stories (and stats..!) and laughter by the fire pit, creating memories and forging friendships in just this short period of time.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with life.

With nature. With people. With running. With fun. 

This connection is something we have found to be really special during our previous Run Weekends trips, and something we look forward to each and every tour. We love meeting you and really can't wait each time around for another chance to get a new group together, as well as staying connected afterwards.

Plus, travelling alongside like-minded running-loving individuals means you never have to find yourself explaining why you want to get up for that early morning run...!

Embrace the serenity of the mountains, finding solace and inspiration in every step.

Personalized Experience and Inclusive Pace


Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or a beginner looking to explore new horizons, our retreats cater to all abilities and paces. Enjoy the freedom to run at your own pace, with no pressure to keep up, and each run can be adapted to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Plus, if you don’t fancy running at all - feel free to enjoy your lie-in!

No judgement here. (Just a bit of jealousy..!)



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