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Our Run Weekends ‘Difficulty Pyramid’ is designed to give runners an idea of the ability required to enjoy each event to its fullest. Run Weekends is based heavily around inclusivity - there is no set pace, there are no timing chips, and we all run together as a group, we’re not in a rush. Our grading system is simply to provide a relative scale of difficulty across all of our Run Weekends.


The grading for each event is an amalgamation of duration (number of days running), distance, elevation, terrain, weather, gear, and overall conditions. Generally speaking most people will be able to complete all of our Run Weekends, but this should help you identify which events are most suited to you and your ability, plus what you can expect when joining us. Founder Nick will always be on hand to support everyone if they are struggling. We can’t stress enough - this is all about the great community of runners. You will be in good hands and well looked after. If you have any questions, doubts or concerns regarding ability, please reach our to the team

Difficulty Pyramid

All abilities
All abilities, but more challenging
All abilities, but we suggest you have marathon experience
We suggest you have experience with ultra/multi day events



Our 2 night event in Cornwall is graded 1. Although we are running a marathon and the terrain isn’t flat, we have allocated plenty of time to stop, eat, drink, rest, plus the weather won’t be severe, the whole event lasts only 2 days, you don’t have to carry any luggage with you, and the distance is something anybody can complete with support of others. You don’t need to be an experienced marathon runner to attend, it’s all abilities.


Our 7 night event in Corfu is graded 3. This is because the distance is significant (160km), the elevation is over 5000m, and the weather may be especially hot, not to mention you will be running back to back days. That said we are keen for all abilities to attend because the pace will be very steady, (never in a rush), and we have designed the route so if anyone would like to miss a day so they can rest, we have transport to accommodate this. All abilities are welcome, but it'll be harder than a single 1 day event, but not a graded 4 event because we can support you in skipping a day if you need/want to.


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