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Does it really work? Yes! A device which helps reduce chronic pain in as little as 5 minutes. After thousands of clinical trials, we know Red Light Therapy works.The MOVE+ combines the therapeutic benefits of deep red LED and infrared laser light, to deliver targeted light straight to your joints and muscles.Carefully designed to be portable and hands-free, get significant relief from pain and inflammation whenever and wherever you need it - without paying thousands.The MOVE+ device has now served over 10,000+ individuals. Whether you're seeking pain relief or to speed up your recovery, the MOVE+ is for you.

Why Run Weekends & Kineon work together?

Founder of Run Weekends, Nick Butter, has been using the MOVE+ for over 2 years. Initially he was skeptical. A red light that just sits on a knee or hip, how can it help? BUT, sticking with 10 minutes per day for about 2 weeks, Nick started to see results. Reading into the science some more, and having had his family use it for various injuries, he's not looked back since. Founders of Kineon, Tom and Forrest, are on a mission to provide pain free lives.


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How can Kineon's MOVE+ help me?

Boost strength and endurance

Studies have suggested that Kineon Move+ Pro's targeted vibration therapy can help boost strength and endurance by increasing muscle activation and recruitment, improving neuromuscular coordination, and enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, resulting in improved performance and reduced risk of injury

Reduce inflammation and joint pain

Research has demonstrated that Kineon Move+ Pro's red light therapy can help reduce inflammation and joint pain by increasing blood flow, promoting cellular repair, and reducing oxidative stress in the affected tissues, resulting in improved joint function and reduced discomfort.

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